Link Up Approved Member

Link-up is the UK Rail Industry’s supplier qualification management scheme and is recognised as best practice in qualifying suppliers. Link-up is used extensively by buying organisations such as Network Rail, London Underground, train operators and other large companies working in the UK rail sector.

  • Single shared qualification process amongst the rail community
  • Reduced duplication - recognised as efficient and cost-effective
  • Fair, open and transparent process.

Link-up is used as a supplier sourcing and evaluation tool by over 110 of the key organisations undertaking procurement within UK Rail:

  • Approximately 2,700 individual users within these organisations have access to Link-up as a source of qualified suppliers, to gather information about existing and potential suppliers, and to aid them in their activities
  • Link-up is used by buyers because it enables them to save time and money by delivering validated questionnaire information about current and potential suppliers with state-of-the-art tools to locate, view, filter and compare information across the supply chain
  • For those companies that fall under the EU Procurement Directive and the derived UK Legislation, e.g. Network Rail, TOC’s, London Underground Limited, etc., Link-up simplifies and can shorten the procurement process
  • It is also used to provide support and information source to allow organisations to manage their wider business risks and as part of their overall assurance processes.

Link-up is used extensively by procurement, engineering, safety and quality professionals and rail organisations, where necessary, to comply with the requirements of European Procurement Legislation and Railway Group Standard GM/RT 2450.

For further information on LINK UP please see their website